Disc Brake Systems

Aftermarket Brake Parts You Can Trust

Our brake parts deliver the quality you’d expect from TRW. TRW has over 100 years of experience delivering market-leading original equipment parts to the world’s leading car manufacturers and you’ll get just the same exceptional quality from TRW Aftermarket. We offer you market-leading coverage from a refined range. That means you can spend less time searching for parts and more time fitting them, keeping jobs moving through the garage to increase business.


World-conquering brake discs

TRW produces 12 million brake discs every year, both for original equipment and the independent aftermarket worldwide, so you can put your trust in the market leaders. And because we’re always at the forefront of innovation, you’ll get the very latest new developments in disc technology that make sure you can give better service to more customers.


We’ll support you

Because TRW is a premium quality parts manufacturer, designing and building so much of the original equipment that vehicles are fitted with when they roll out of the factory, we understand every detail of every part. That means we can offer the clear and simple advice you need through simple-to-understand instructions, so that you can make the best possible fit.  And using the integrated TRW Aftermarket catalogue to order TRW brake disc system components will help you to find just what they’re looking for faster and more accurately, which means speedy sourcing, an efficient fit and the right order every time. From our original equipment quality range of aftermarket brake pads and disc brakes, through to our high quality marketing materials and technical support, we provide you with everything you need to grow your business.


Boost business with faster fitting

One reason why so many businesses rely on us to achieve a faster fit is because our replacement brake pads and disc brake parts come complete with all the essential accessories and fitting kits required. And our products have built in qualities that help users fit more easily, too, like our Black Painted discs that also don’t need to be cleaned before fitting.

Fixing screws often get damaged when changing brake discs and cannot be re-used, so we’ve made sure that a wide range of TRW Aftermarket discs come with fitting screws as part of the package. That means old, worn and corroded fixings never have to be re-used, which saves time for you because you don’t need to order the screws separately. By including fixing screws, it’s now easier and faster than ever to replace brake discs. For most of our products, you’ll be provided with all the components you need in a single TRW box, so you can give the same excellent service, every time – and your customer can rely on the best performance, every time.


World-class manufacturing facilities

We manufacture discs in house at fully automated factories using the latest leading edge technologies. These include:

  • Scientific manufacturing employing statistical quality control methodology
  • Environmentally friendly production methods
  • Machining is carried out using advanced EMAG machines, ensuring smooth finish along with controlled thickness and run-out tolerances
  • Practices that have earned us ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 certificates


Tighter tolerances for brake discs and pads

When we design our original equipment, we control every detail of every part, and we don’t compromise on raw material or on machining tolerances. All our castings are made of top-quality GG20 material or GG15HC for High Carbon. And we keep tight control on three other machining tolerances: the DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) never exceeds 12 µm; the Run Out never exceeds 30 µm; and the central hole is fixed at H8 norm. That means hassle-free fitment and comfortable performance without surprises.


Brake pads and discs for peace of mind

The manufacturing capabilities, quality commitment, innovation and extensive testing that support TRW brake pads and discs mean that you can always rely on our parts. Wherever you are, whoever you are, fitting brake parts from TRW Automotive Aftermarket gives you peace of mind. 


All round safety for car brakes and beyond

Because we produce every type of vehicle safety solution, no one knows better than we do how they work together to protect the passengers inside. We design and build our discs to be a balanced part of the braking dynamic. That’s why choosing TRW Aftermarket means the most efficient fit for you, best quality for your customer, and the best results for your business.


A safer brake pad

TRW brake pads offer more safety, wider coverage and easier fitting. Our new friction coating, called COTEC, can reduce stopping distances on new pads – and we’re making it standard. Independent tests have proven that replacing the brake pads with COTEC pads can cut stopping distances by up to 7 metres during bedding in. That’s a difference that could save a life. And that’s why we’re making it standard. Plus, we’ll give you all the fitting accessories you need to fit brake pads fast. On top of that, we’ve developed the range to cover 98% of the European vehicle parc, which means that you can apply new front or rear brake pads to almost any vehicle.


Disc brakes around the world

TRW invests every second of its time in designing and building the best possible original equipment for vehicles around the world, and all that innovation and expertise follows through to TRW Aftermarket. That means you can save precious time for your business, and your customers, by choosing TRW components that help achieve a perfect fit – fast. TRW Aftermarket will provide original equipment quality, time after time, giving drivers maximum control when every second counts, and giving you an unbeatable range to build your business.