Steel Handlebars Ø 22mm

TRW Aftermarket

If the original handlebars are heavily corroded, broken due to a crash, or you just want to change the look, TRW steel handlebars are the perfect choice.

  • Now available in 3 different surface coatings:
    SC = chrome, SS = black, SA = matt aluminium look
  • The attractive design ensures a stylish look.
  • Most of the handlebars come in sophisticated shapes, guaranteeing excellent steering performance.
  • Changing the handlebars allows a more comfortable sitting position or a more aggressive look.
  • The high-quality surface finishes are applied using environmentally friendly methods. 
  • A triple special coating provides long-term corrosion protection.  
  • Special attention has been paid to ensuring there are no matt chrome points at the bending points.
  • TRW only uses high-quality German steel tubes.
  • High-quality handlebar ends are available to match all handlebars.

    Overview and dimension table for steel handlebars Ø 22mm


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