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TRW Motorbike Comfort Clip-on made in Germany

Avoid aching wrists and backs! Fit your motorcycle with a comfortable TRW clip-on which guarantees sporty handling and a relaxed grip. The clip-ons are CNC milled from solid aircraft aluminium with highest precision ensuring maximum strength and reliability.

TRW Motorcycle Comfort clip-on give you:

  • An attractive look with silver or black anodised surface.
  • Great functionality, robust design and precise manufacturing using CNC technology.
  • Perfect ergonomics to reduce the strain on your wrists.
  • Different clamp diameters suitable for almost all fork types.
  • 20mm rise of the grip position with a 5.5 degree tube offset to ensure better comfort and enhanced riding experience.
  • Complete set include two clamps with tubes.
  • Steering tubes in 250mm length included, 285mm steering tubes for improved leverage available as spare parts.
  • Street legal use with the TÜV certificate of conformit


Please choose between the following options of the “Comfort”- and the “Relax- bar which differ in the rise of the grip position:

  • The TRW “Comfort” Sport Clip-on with 20 mm rise combines a perfect handling with a relaxed grip by reducing the strain on the wrists. TRW delivers all sport clip-ons as complete kits including handlebar tubes and Teflon end plugs. They are ergonomically perfect and available for forks measuring from 38 mm to 53 mm clamp diameter.
  • With the TRW “Relaxbar” Sport Clip-ons you have the choice between a rise of 40 or 60 mm to ensure a comfortable riding position with a relaxed grip. These raised clip-ons represent an attractive and cost-effective alternative to a Superbike handlebar conversion of Sports bikes. “Relaxbar” sets are available for forks with diameters from 38 mm to 50 mm in the clamp area.


Perfect handling with TRW Motorcycle clip-ons

Successful customizing starts with new motorbike handlebars and TRW Motorcycle clip-ons give you better ergonomics, perfect handling and relaxed grip. But above all, given the importance of steering when it comes to safety, it is critical that all bikes are fitted with high quality parts, which TRW can provide to help you to achieve the best possible maintenance for almost any motorbike.

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