Offroad Ø 28,6 mm

TRW Aftermarket

Offroad aluminium handlebars, oversize Ø 28.6 mm - versions Low, Medium and High

Oversize aluminium handlebars for enduros, off-road and quad bikes! TRW Offroad handlebars Ø 28.6 mm are ergonomically perfect and visually very attractive. They can be used to replace almost all original handlebars.

  • Offroad Low: These handlebars promote an aggressive, front wheel orientated riding style.
  • Offroad Medium: Very popular for use in motocross and enduro sport.
  • Offroad High: These aluminium handlebars offer a comfortable handling on onroad enduros and quad bikes.
  • The handlebar wall with a thickness of 4 mm provides additional stability and breaking resistance.
  • The handlebars have a knurled end for the rubber grip.
  • The TRW aluminium handlebars in oversize format of 28.6 mm come with a matt sand blasted finish and look absolutely stylish. They are available in the following colours:  Offroad Low in silver, Offroad Medium in silver and black, Offroad High in black.
  • A certificate of conformity (TÜV) is available for many models.
  • Please note: For conversion of motorcycles with 22 mm tube handlebars to handlebars with 28.6 mm in the clamping area suitable adapters are needed.
  • TRW offers aluminium adapter sets in silver and black, with an height increase of 10, 35 and 45 mm.

Handlebar adapters

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