Clutch Plates

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Motorcycle clutches are vital to safety and performance, providing the all-important link between the engine and the wheel. The TRW Motorcycle Clutch range offers motorcycle steel plates as complete sets for almost all motorcycle models. Manufactured in Germany from the most durable of materials to maximize both safety and performance, we offer a choice of motorcycle clutch plates to suit almost every applicaton.

The TRW Motorcycle Clutch steel plate range gives you:

  • Maximum performance and precise transmission of power.
  • Premium product quality.
  • Steel plates sold as complete set
  • High quality non-corrosive steel material
  • Exact dimensions and thickness matched to the original spare part.


A clutch range to trust - globally

The TRW name on a clutch part has always been a guarantee of premium product quality, and we’re always working to enhance the quality of our motorbike clutch steel plates even further. TRW Steel Clutch Plates are manufactured using high-quality steel for a long service life. Supplied as a complete set, their thickness and dimensions match the original spare part.


The TRW Motorbike Clutch plate kit is essential

When changing the friction plate set, if you neglect to replace the clutch plates, you will often fail to achieve the required result of an optimally functioning clutch. In racing, changing the steel plates is essential. The colour and quality of the old plates have to be checked and ideally replaced, when changing the clutch friction plates. If the clutch overheats, the steel plates become discoloured and waved, and should therefore be replaced.

Don’t make faults economies!

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